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Ibiza beaches

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The beaches of Ibiza

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Here we show you a brief description of the beaches of the island of Ibiza

Ibiza is internationally known for its spectacular beaches and coves on its 210 km of coast especially known for that special color of its crystal clear waters with more than 40 islets famously known for their spectacular shapes and the large number of photographs circulating on social networks.

The island of Ibiza is divided into five municipalities: Eivissa, Santa Eulalia d’es Riu, San Joan de Labritja, Sant Josep de la Talaia and Sant Antoni de Portmany. It has a lot of relief, so sometimes short distances become more minutes than expected. Ibiza is an island well known for its nocturnal parties in summer in the city of Ibiza and Sant Antoni de Portmany although the island offers many more possibilities such as its high sports, leisure, tourism and cultural offer. On the sports offer you can highlight cycling routes, hiking, diving, golf, horse riding and all kinds of water sports that are carried out on its beaches and coves. It is remarkable the high number of tourists visiting places like the Cova de C’an Marçà, a cave with high speleological value and open throughout the year. Also the Aquarium Cap Blanc or places with high cultural value as the walled enclosure of Dalt Vila, declared Patrimony of the Humanity for being the best preserved coastal fortress of the Mediterranean. The beaches and coves of Ibiza are characterized by being nestled between hills. Most coves usually have old fishermen’s huts, which leaves a beautiful and peculiar image of these places. Ibiza in summer is a cosmopolitan island. It is one of the first places where fashion changes appear, where artists, celebrities, tourists, and hippies meet. It is an island well connected, both by sea and by air and the only access route from the islands to the beautiful island of Formentera.

Beaches of Ibiza.

The municipality of Ibiza has 6 beaches which we leave more information on these links.

Beaches in Sant Antoni de Portmany.

Sant Antoni de Portmany is a municipality of Ibiza, located in the western part of the island, the most well-known face of the municipality is the Bay of Sant Antoni, for the splendid beauty of its bay and its spectacular sunsets on the coast of ses Variations The most important beaches of this municipality are Cala Salada, Cala Gracioneta and Cala Albarca; from Cala Salada you can reach the cave of ses Fontanelles also called the Cova des Vi (cave of wine), since previously it was used as a winery, in which there is a collection of cave paintings that were made in the Bronze Age (1000 years BC), on one of the walls of this cave you can see drawings of boats, these caves were discovered in 1917.To this excursion we must add the beauty of the cliff landscape, which is maintained as along the whole municipality, following the coast towards the North. On the Ramons road, on the outskirts of the city (1.5 km), you reach a hill, inside which is the underground chapel of Santa Agnès. According to popular legend, a ship was about to be shipwrecked with all its passengers. One of them, who wore the image of the Virgin of Santa Inés, promised that if they saved their lives he would dedicate a chapel. And, indeed, it was. The chapel was discovered in 1907 and every August 24 the festival of Santa Inés is celebrated in memory of that same day of the year 1300, when the miracle was performed and the sailors arrived in Sant Antoni safe and sound.

The municipality of Sant Antoni has 15 beaches which we leave more information on these links.

Santa Eularia des Riu is a very quiet city with a family atmosphere and where you will find many of the lesser known beaches of the island of Ibiza, but nevertheless it is one of the areas of Ibiza where you can find the best known markets such as Las Dalias or Es Canar.

The municipality of Santa Eularia des Riu has 32 beaches which we leave more information on these links.

Beaches in Sant Josep de la Talaia.

Sant Josep de sa Talaia is the largest municipality of Eivissa (Ibiza) located in the southwest of the island. The one municipality with great affluence of tourists in search of sun and beach in spite of having a great potential like sportive and cultural tourist destiny. Sant Josep is surrounded by several islets, such as Es Vedrà, which give greater appeal to the views of the west. It has several protected natural areas, routes that lead to old defensive towers or important archaeological sites such as the Phoenician settlement of Sa Caleta, declared a World Heritage Site. The island of Eivissa has characteristics that make it ideal for mountain biking and diving. There are four cycling routes: Calas de Sant Josep de sa Talaia, Atalaya de Sant Josep, Sa Serra Grossa and Las Salinas. In the south of the municipality is the special protection area Es Freus d’Eivissa and Formentera, a place where fishing is highly restricted. Eivissa’s crystal clear water is the reason why hundreds of divers visit it every year in search of new underwater sites, as it has submarine wrecks, caves and many islets full of life underwater.

The municipality of Sant Josep de Sa Talaia has 39 beaches which we leave more information on these links.

Beaches in Sant Joan de Labritja.

Sant Joan de Labritja is a municipality located in the north of the island of Ibiza. It has an extension of 121 km and a population of 5,500 inhabitants distributed in four parishes: Sant Joan, Sant Miquel, Sant Vicent and Sant Llorenç. Each parish is divided in turn into vendas, neighborhood groups. In Sant Joan the inhabitants do not usually group themselves in urban centers, they have single-family homes, so the nuclei are very small. Sant Joan de Labritja is a mountainous municipality with a lot of vegetation where you can visit very tourist coastal areas with lots of activity in summer as high quality interior areas where tranquility predominates throughout the year. In Sant Joan highlights the architecture of its parishes and defense towers: The Church of Sant Miquel is the oldest, dating its first body in the sixteenth century. The rest of the churches date back to the 18th and 19th centuries. The watchtowers and defense, are circular towers on the coast dated in the eighteenth century. These towers are: the Torre d’es Molar, next to Port de Sant Miquel, Tower of Portinatx, Torre del Judío and Torre de Cala d’Hort. The Torres de Balàfia are two circular defense towers in a group of 5 typical Ibizan houses. They are located a few meters from the center of Sant Llorenç. They served as defense in the interior of the island in case of pirate attacks. The most important caves of Sant Joan are La Cova de C’an Maçà and Cova d’es Culleram. La d’es Culleram is a sanctuary that is accessed from a path that starts in Cala Sant Vicent. In the Punic era the goddess Tanit was worshiped and some identify her as the Roman Venus. La Cova de C’an Maçà is located next to the Port of Sant Miquel, it is formed by natural caves by the erosion of the sea. It is a journey of about 30 minutes. Apart from being able to do all kinds of water sports, Sant Joan has many routes for both cyclists and hikers. They are both indoor and coastal routes and of different levels of difficulty. They can be done throughout the year.

The municipality of Sant Joan de Labritja has 20 beaches which we leave more information on these links.

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