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Adults: 45€ Children: 35€ (16 years) (Send for us an information request) Private Events available on request.



Waves ridings and jumps great 180º-360º spins, power brake stops, speed and adrenaline rides! Spins, power break stops, wave jumpings, speed and adrenaline ride. The one and only Ibiza’s stunt boat 1hour aprox.

Nothing you have experienced will have you prepared for the excitement on 0ur Jet Boat 360 Water Jet gives you sensations that you have never felt before, it´s a roller coaster on the sea. This boat has been designed specially to ride the waves, do 180º- 360º spins, power break stops, wave jumping, speed and adrenaline ride.

Ibiza´s original, the fastest, craziest, one and only stunt boat. 500 HP, don´t accept imitations.Blasting sound system. Also available for sunset.The activity lasts approximately 1 hour.

  • Adults: 45€
  • Children: 35€ (16 years) (Send for us an information request)
  • Private Events available on request.



We offer Snorkelling and Sunset Trips

Speedboat Beach & Snorkelling trip

Amazing 1.45 h excursion visiting the most beautiful beaches of Ibiza,Cala Bassa and Cala Conta,villas of the rich and famous,scenic spots,cliffs,caves and other islands only accesible by boat like Conejera,Las Bledas and more around the natural park. Includes 40 minutes stop to swim and snorkel in one of the crystal water beaches and we provide snorkel gear,the exhilarating bladefish sea jet,free drinks and good music on board.

 Span: 01:45 Hrs.   |   40,00 €


  • Free Bar.
  • Snorkelling gear for you to enjoy crystal waters.
  • Great comfort on board: solarium, drinks table, refrigerator, music, shower.
  • 40 minutes sun bathing, swimming and snorkeling, or 40 minutes enjoying the best sunset in the world
  • Blade fish: exhilarating sea jet to swimming and snorkelling effortless and deeper in the crystal waters.v
  • 8 meters length speedboat.
  • 250 hp and 55mph.
  • No age limit.
  • Daily departures every 2h.


  • Stunning and exclusive views of Ibiza coast only accessible by boat.
  • Adrenaline pumping experience as our speedboat hits high speeds.
  • Enjoy the insightful narration throughout the tour.
  • Great comfort on board to maximise your unique experience.
  • Ideal for couples,friends or families, we will adapt to your needs.
  • The route starts in our watersports centre in S´Estanyol beach,opposite Hotel San Remo. When departing we have a astonishing view of San Antonio Bay and we go towards the South West of the island,with the most beautiful coast.
  • Don’t miss the most exhilarating sightseeing cruise in South West of Ibiza. This thrilling ride begins in S’Estanyol beach in the bay of the San Antonio opposite Hotel San Remo. Hold your hands and come on board, this cruise is the most popular in San Antonio!

FLYBOARD 80€ / 20 min


The new sport that has revolutioned the world


The new sport that has revolutioned the world is now available at IBIZA-WATERSPORTS. It´s a new concept of fun in the water. It goes on your feet and makes you fly like Iron man and swim like a dolphin!. Listen as an experience instructor explains how the Flyboard works during a full safety briefing. Strap yourself into the Flyboard and wait for the jet boat to power up.

The Flyboard is connected to the jet boat by a hose and as the hose fills with water,the water surges,creating powerful high-pressure jets that will send you soaring into the air. Imagine the rush of being able to burst out of the clear waters and fly up to 10 meters high.

The gorgeous San Antonio Bay will spread out before you. It´s relatively easy to master the basics and 95% of those who tested for the first time begin to fly in just few minutes. If you´ve opted for a longer session you´ll have extra time to practice your moves. Learn how to steer and control your elevation, as well as how to perform graceful landings. You might even get to practice some tricks or simple stunts. At the end of your session, head back to shore.

Flyboard Experiences ensure that our customers have unforgettable sensations and emotions, you don’t need any prior experience.

  • High sensations and amazing view while riding.
  • Fly up to 10 meters height
  • Ideal for individuals and groups.
  • Live jacket and helmet.
  • 80€ / 20 min.


FROM 15€ per person.

Banana, Tornado,Rings, flyfish, wakeboard, water sky, and other activities

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